Will you survive the Alien night?
For the event to be truly unique, and beyond a simple screening of films, a number of gastronomic pleasures
will be served to caress (or terrify!) the taste buds. The Alambika team will create a series of horrifying cocktailsin the colours of the films’ themes. On the menu: unknown product tastings, and a breakfast to celebrate the end of this memorable night. Let’s just hope an eight passenger doesn’t burst in halfway through...
A single ticket grants you access to the full Alien night.

Presented by BNP Paribas and Gameloft
In collaboration with CHOQ.ca
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8 PM ALIEN by Ridley SCOTT- director’s cut new restoration (116 min.)

10 PM Remake the sounds and voices of Alien with Gameloft Montréal

10:30 PM ALIENS by James CAMERON - brand new restoration/theatrical version (134 min.)

00:45 AM : animation par/by Burlesgeek Montreal & La Pimenterie

1 AM ALIEN 3 by David FINCHER - Theatrical Version(114 min.)

3 AM : animation Alien on the radio by CHOQ.ca

3:20 AM ALIEN: RESURRECTION by Jean-Pierre JEUNET - special Edition (116 min.)

5:20 AM Breakfast
Camellia Sinensis - Café Liégeois Canada - Arhoma - KIND Snacks - O de V - GURU Boisson Énergie Bio


Saturday October 12, 2019

Cinéma Impérial

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