* Local guests not included


Opening film

Guest of Honour    

Atom Egoyan (director), Canada       

Arsinée Khanjian (actor), Canada  


Les Incontournables

Adults in the Room  

Costa-Gavras (director), France, Greece   


Présentations spéciales 

The Song of Names   

François Girard (director), Canada (Quebec)


Temps 0


David Cronenberg (director), United States  



Daisuke Miyazaki (director), Japan           

Tomona Hirota (actor), Japan           

Takeru Ogawa (actor), Japan


Nail in the coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro

Michael Paszt (director), Canada   

Vampiro/Ian Hodgkinson (actor), Canada


Bird Talk          

Xawery Zulawski (director), Poland      


Angel of the North   

Jean-Michel Roux (director), France   


Compétition internationale

System Crasher   

Nora Fingscheidt (director), Germany   


Mickey and the Bear   

Annabelle Attanasio (director), United States



Fabrice Du Welz (director), Belgium      



Rúnar Rúnarsson (director), Iceland       


La Virgen de Agosto 

Jonás Trueba (director), Spain

Itsaso Arana (actor / scxcriptwriter), Spain 




Compétition nationale


Black Conflux       

Nicole Dorsey (director), Canada       

Ryan McDonald (actor), Canada   



Heather Young (director), Canada       

Martha Cooley (productor), Canada   


Easy Land

Sanja Zivkovic (director), Canada   


Anne at 13,000 ft   

Kazik Radwanski (director), Canada


The 20th Century   

Daniel Beirne (actor), Canada


La rivière sans repos - Restless river

Malaya Chapman (actor), Canada               

Etua Snowball (actor), Canada  


Panorama International


Yann Arthus-Bertrand (director), France       

Anastasia Mikova (director), France



Andrew Wonder (director), United States   


Les Nouveaux alchimistes   

1000 Kings       

Bidzina Kanchaveli (director), Germany   

Pierre Durst (productor), Germany 



Events / Masterclasses

Darryl Nepinak (director), Canada   

Caroline Poggi (director), France   

Jonathan Vinel (director), France 




Julia Lanoë (musician), France               

Vitalic/Pascal Arbez-Nicolas (musician)  



FNC Explore

7 Lives               

Marie Blondiaux (productor), France



Fred Volhuer (productor), United States



Eric Magnee (artist), Netherlands   

Hidde Dejong (artist), Netherlands    


Another Dream           

Tamara Shogaolu (director), Egypt, United States



Kelsey Boncato (director), United States   


Odyssey 1.4.9       

François Vautier (director), France   

Jeremy Sahel (productor),France   


List of Jury's members


International Competition Jur - Features

Brandon Harris (Amazon Studios), United States

Hayet Benkara, Canada (Quebec)

Caroline Dhavernas (actor) Canada (Quebec)

National competition Jury - Features


Géraldine Bryant (The Bureau Sales), France       


Boyd Van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter), Netherlands


Kasia Karwan (The Moonshot Company), France, Canada (Quebec)


Fipresci Price

Ernesto Diez Martinez (journalist), Mexico

Jean-Max Mejean (journalist), France

Guillaume Potvin (journalist), Canada (Quebec)


Jury Nouveaux alchimistes - Features

Myriam Charles (director), Canada (Quebec)

Lou Scamble (photograph), Canada (Quebec)

Marina Serrao (productor), Canada (Quebec)


International Competition Jury - Short films      

Meryam Joobeur (director), Canada (Quebec)

Fanny-Laure Malo (productor), Canada (Quebec)

Raphaël Ouellet (director), Canada (Quebec)


National competition Jury - Short films

Anne Gaschütz (Filmfest Dresden), Germany

Sanghoon Lee(Busan Internationl Short Film Festival), South Korea

Enrico Vannucci (Mostra de Venise), Italy


Jury Nouveaux alchimistes - Short films

John Blouin (director), Canada (Quebec)

Jaime Manrique (Bogoshorts), Colombia

Megane Voghell (director of photography), Canada (Quebec)


Jury FNC Explore

Myriam Achard (Centre Phi), Canada (Quebec)

Toby Coffey (National Theatre, Londres), United Kindom

Dario Laverde (HTC), United States

Anna Ticktin (Samsung XR video), United States

Jean Dubois (UQAM)

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