Eight emerging Canadian directors participate in a public pitch session in front of a jury of experts. First feature and medium length films in development (fiction, experimental, animation) will be presented.
Netflix will award $10,000 grant to the best pitch

Jury :
Boyd Van Hoij, Programmer and selection committee president —Luxembourg City Film Festival, Luxembourg
Etienne Hansez, Producer — Bravo Charlie
Mia Donovan, réalisatrice — EyeSteelFilm, Canada

Projets :

Directed by Marie-Hélène Viens et Philippe Lupien
Produced by Fanny-Laure Malo

Written by Samuel Cantin et Jean-François Leblanc
Directed by Jean-François Leblanc

Directed by Ariane Louis-seize

Directed by Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Produced by Geneviève Gosselin-G, Le Foyer Films Inc.

Written by Jae Matthews
Directed by Jacqueline Castel
Produced by Aonan Yang et Michael Solomon

Directed by André-Anne Roussel

Written and directed by Guillaume Laurin
Production Couronne Nord

Directed by Charles Grenier


Monday October 14, 2019


With the presence of

Boyd Van Hoeij

Boyd Van Hoeij is an independent film journalist. Critic for the American newspaper Variety before collaborating with the Hollywood Reporter, for which he has been covering the main international festivals since 2013, he is also breeder at the Luxembourg City Film Festival and chairman of the selection committee of the Luxembourg Film Fund.

Mia Donovan

Mia Donovan is an award winning filmmaker and VR artist based in Montreal. She has written and directed three feature documentaries, INSIDE LARA ROXX (2011), DEPROGRAMMED (2015) and DOPE EQUALS DEATH (post-production). She was the recipient of the prestigious Don Haig Award for outstanding achievement as an emerging filmmaker in 2012. Her films have been presented worldwide at film festivals, on TV broadcasts, theatrically and on digital platforms such as Netflix. In 2016 she wrote and directed her first virtual reality experience called DEPROGRAMMED VR (2016) which won the coveted IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling that year. She is currently in production on her second VR experience called WELCOME TO LINCOLN DETOX and her first narrative feature film called THE TOUCH OF HER FLESH.

Etienne Hansez

A former journalist and graduate of the Institut national de l'image et du son, Etienne Hansez founded Bravo Charlie in 2013. Producer of about ten short films, Etienne Hansez produced CHIEN DE GARDE, Sophie Dupuis' first feature film, chosen to represent Canada in 2018 in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" for the 91st Academy Awards. With his profile as a producer-scriptwriter, Etienne Hansez has turned project development into a real know-how. The loyalty of the filmmakers with whom he has worked for several years demonstrates a total complicity between the authors and the producer.

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