Jonathan Vinel

O.V. French

An imaginary portrait of Ashlynn Brooke.

FRANCE | 4 minutes | 2012

After School Knife Fight
Caroline Poggi

O.V. French

Laëtitia, Roca, Nico, and Naël get together in a wasteland for their final rehearsal. The group will soon no longer exist because Laëtitia is going faraway to study. A story of these young adults who don't...

FRANCE | 21 minutes | 2017

Caroline Poggi

O.V. - Without dialogue

FRANCE | 24 minutes | 2011

Martin Pleure
Jonathan Vinel

O.V. English and french

Imagine one day, you wake up and all your friends have disappeared. Friends that were supposed to be there, are not. You look for them everywhere. In all hidden places around the city. In all the ponds, all the...

FRANCE | 16 minutes | 2017

Notre Héritage
Caroline Poggi

O.V. French

Lucas is the son of the famous pornographer Pierre Woodman. This is his story.

FRANCE | 24 minutes | 2016

Prince Puissance Souvenirs
Jonathan Vinel

O.V. French

In a gymnasium, a prince and his group are training to commit an attack.

FRANCE | 10 minutes | 2012

Tant qu'il nous reste des fusils à pompe
Caroline Poggi

O.V. French

It's damned hot. Streets are oddly empty. Palms are suffering and shotguns crying. Joshua wants to die but doesn't want to leave his brother Maël alone. Meanwhile he meets with a gang : the Icebergs.

FRANCE | 30 minutes | 2014

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