48th Edition Poster

For a third year, the studio Ottoblix signs the visual identity of the FNC and here is the official poster of the 48th edition!
Emblematic figure of the FNC, our strong and ambitious she-wolf watches over her cubs and gathers her guests, looking towards the future. Surrounded by a daring typography in the center of a vibrant composition, our she-wolf is sovereign. Energetic, she has a mind full of projects: her eyes shine.

With its unique, offbeat approach, the FNC is a bold, innovative event that brings people together. Since 1971, our mandate has been to support and showcase major productions and provide a springboard for emerging voices in all their diversity and originality by screening over 300 films from 60 different countries. New trends, groundbreaking narrative and technological perspectives, revelations from Quebec, Canada and around the world, talks, special events and festive parties all await you at the FNC from October 9 to 20, 2019!

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