FNC's Cartes Blanches

Running at a maximum of seven minutes, these original shorts echo the diversity characterizing the works that have screened at the FNC in the past years. For this ninth edition of Cartes blanches, we decided to encourage five directors from previous editions of the festival for their films that stood out for bold and innovative approaches to form and content.
This project is made possible thanks to support from Telefilm Canada, CineGround and Post-Moderne.


This year five talented filmmakers made Cartes blanches :

  • Kristina Wagenbauer (Sashinka, FNC2017) propose AUJOURD'HUI OU JE MEURS
  • Scott Fitzpatrick (Trigger Warming, Experimentation Award MUBI FNC2018 propose SCREEN TEST 2 (MEG)
  • Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr (Mad Dog Labine, National Competition Award FNC2018) propose PLUIE SUR TÔLE VOLÉE
  • Renaud Lessard (Mad Dog Labine, National Competition Award FNC2018) propose AUTOMNES MOUILLÉS
Cartes Blanches will be screened during the Festival, maybe you will have the chance to watch some before your program !
Join us at the FNC’s Cartes blanches launch Cocktail the Tuesday Oct. 15th at 5pm.

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You can watch Cartes blanches from previous editions here.

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