An afternoon dedicated to artificial intelligence in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, Quartier des spectacles, Element AI and Conseil des arts de Montréal. The goal is to familiarize the public with the AI alphabets and then introduce artistic works that illustrate the practice.

1.30pm - 1.45pm
Mathieu Marcotte — Element AI, Canada

2pm - 3pm
Marie- Pier Gauthier, Producer — l’Office National du Film du Canada, Canada
Mathieu Marcotte, Head of Community Relation — Element AI, Canada
Tania Orméjuste, Director of Communications and Territorial Initiatives — Conseil des arts de Montréal, Canada

3.15pm - 3.45pm
Catherine Mathys — FMC, Canada

4pm - 5.30pm

Shirin Anlen, Creative Technologist, Marrow — L’Office national du film du Canada, Atlas V., Canada
Étienne Paquette, Director, L’éclat du rire — L’Office national du film du Canada + Quartier des spectacles, Canada
Sandra Rodriguez, Director, Chomsky vs. Chomsky — L’Office national du film du Canada, Canada
Jean-Mathieu Barraud, Interactive Media Director, Canada


Friday October 18, 2019

Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences de l'UQAM

With the presence of

Mathieu Marcotte

MATHIEU MARCOTTE, Head of Community Relations
Role : Mathieu is the Head of Community Relations at Element AI. He’s also actively involved in questions related to ethics and is coordinating some of our AI for Good projects related to art and the creative sector.
Background : Mathieu studied law and has a Juris Doctor degree in Transnational Law. Before joining Element AI, he practiced law and spent 10 years as a political organizer and advisor on questions related to Culture, Education, Environment, Democratic Institutions and Natural Resources at the three main levels of government.

Jean-Mattthieu Barraud

Jean-Matthieu Barraud is an interactive filmmaker who graduated from INIS in 2019. Trained in literature, political science and digital publishing, he has extensive experience as a communications director and consultant for artistic and creative projects. Passionate about the impact of technologies and media and innovative interactive forms (in journalism, documentary and fiction), he is dedicated to popularizing the challenges of artificial intelligence. He has developed a reinterpretation of the Golem myth, an interactive project on AI that he is currently pursuing.

Shirin Anlen

Shirin is an award-winning creative technologist and artist, NYC based, with a passion for telling stories about the influence of technology on humanity. Her work combines programming, storytelling and interaction design within immersive experiences in web, virtual and mixed realities platforms; superimposing alternative narratives over real-life stories and human emotions.
shirin co-founded Raycaster, an experience design studio, and a NEW INC member between 2017-2019, she holds an MFA in Cinema and Television from Tel Aviv University and was a research fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab. Her work has featured internationally including Cannes film festival, IDFA DocLAb, SIGGRAPH, Google Web Experiments, House of Electronic, VICE, and The Next Web.

Marie-Pier Gauthier

Marie-Pier Gauthier has been in charge of the studio and production of the interactive studio at the National Film Board of Canada for the past 8 years. Whether it is digital creation on mobile phones or on the web, interactive installations or virtual or augmented reality experiments, it guides the realization of projects by innovative authors at the crossroads of disciplines. Social networks, code, design, artificial intelligence, streaming, conversational robots are all privileged ways of telling the stories of the projects she supervises. A graduate in journalism and interactive production, Marie-Pier Gauthier has collaborated on more than 50 interactive works that have won more than a hundred awards in Canada and abroad.

Catherine Mathys

Catherine Mathys has been working in the audiovisual production and media sector for nearly 20 years. Columnist, reporter and moderator, she has specialized in the last decade in the analysis of technological and media transformations. With a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in communication, she particularly enjoys observing our relationship to technology and its impact on our daily lives.

Sandra Rodriguez

Sandra Rodriguez, PhD, is a Creative director and a sociologist of new media technologies. She has directed and produced award-winning documentaries films, webdocs, interactive projects and immersive experiences presented internationally, and is a frequent mentor and consultant (UX and storytelling) for public and private media, game design studios and hackathons. An author of articles and a book on networked cultures, she is a regular speaker on immersive media and digital storytelling and AI and creativity, in events such as: Cannes Film Festival, SXSW_Edu, Sheffield Doc Fest, IDFA, DokNeuland Leipzig, Sundance New Frontier, Venice Film Festival, Mutek, Frontières IA, AI&Arts and more. Rodriguez recently headed the Creative Reality Lab at EyeSteelFilm, where she explored new futures of non-fiction storytelling with projects that have garnered multiple awards, including a Gemaux, Peabody, Golden Nica at Ars Electronica (2019), Canadian Screen Awards nomination. A Visiting Scholar of the MIT Open Doc Lab, she leads HackingXR, MIT’s first course in immersive media production. Her new work, produced in collaboration with the NFB, focuses on the sparks that fly at the crossroad of AI and human creativity.

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