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QUéBEC, Canada | 110 minutes | 2018

Brought to the stage by Sophocles, Cocteau, Anouilh and Brecht and to the silver screen by Liliana Cavani, the myth of Antigone reaches across the millennia to inspire today’s artists. For her fifth feature, the multitalented Sophie Deraspe deftly transposes the story to the present day without sacrificing an iota of its original power. Teenaged Antigone, brilliant and singular, grew up in a tightly knit immigrant family united in love by their turbulent past. When her brother is jailed after an altercation that smells strongly of racial profiling, she decides to help him escape and take his place. Her resolution will serve as a beacon as the flaws in the justice of men are pitted against the righteousness of a pure heart.
Q&A with the cast and crew on October 14th

In collaboration with Réalisatrices équitables and Cinécole

"The film is an incisive critique of the power imbalance between citizens and immigrants and the hypocrisy of an unjust justice system. It jolts the viewer out of complacency." NOW Magazine

Best Canadian Feature Film Award - Toronto Film Festival

Canada's entry to the Academy Award for best international feature film


Monday October 14, 2019

Program #118
Cinéma du Musée

Friday October 18, 2019

Program #220
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 14

Sophie Deraspe

No biography

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Sophie Deraspe
  • Producer Marc Daigle, Isabelle Couture
  • Cast Nahéma Ricci-Sahabi, Nour Belkhiria, Rachida Oussaada

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