A film festival is the perfect occasion to discover films...

... but also the occasion to meet some interesting people ! That's one of the orientations of those recommendations ...




Friday 18th

  • 5 pm, perfomance W/O/R/K, (GRATUIT) W/O/R/K is a highly interactive work lasting approximately 20 minutes. It addresses in a funand ironic way how the digital world helps us to “work” together. W/O/R/K by Smartphone Orchestra & Anagram
  • 5:30 pm, VAILLANCOURT : REGARDE SI C'EST BEAU by John Blouin. Portrait of a force of nature, a free-spirited artist who defines avant-garde. An early activist and ecologist, Armand Vaillancourt delivers a passionate account of 70 years of Quebec counterculture. The complete team in attendance !

  • 7pm, WOMAN, Anastasia Mikova & Yann Arthus-Bertrand. 2500 portraits de femmes originaires de 50 pays différents. Soirée de remise du Prix du film pour la paix sera suivie par la projection-bénéfice du film Woman Directors Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand in attendance.

  • 9:30 pm, 1000 KINGS by Bidzina Kanchaveli. In a society peopled by abstract figures, a thousand people are encaged in a giant space, distinguished only by their social status, like a beehive. Their single aim is to produce light. A conceptual, poetic animation on the origins of life, the universe and more.



9 pm, FNC × POP Montréal: Chiiirch en concert. Chiiirch: a futuristic opera, an interactive and experimental urban music performance created especially for the FNC.Guests Collis Browne (No Weapon), Irreverend Raïatollah(Raïa Haidar), Beaver Sheppard (Co/ntry), Radwan GhaziMoumneh 


Saturday 19th

  • 12pm to 8 pm, FNC Explore ; Last chance to experiment Virtual & augmented reality artworks for free ! At Hexagram-UQAM, Complexe Desjardinand the Head Quarter coeur-des-sciences de l'UQAM.
  • 5 pm, L'UNE CHANTE, L'AUTRE PAS Agnès Varda (1977). Tracing women’s liberation through to the turbulent 70s, Agnès Varda follows two women from their teens to adulthood against the backdrop of a militant, engaged musical comedy. Followed by a discussion with 2 experts.

  • 8:50 pm, FERAL by Andrew Wonder. A young homeless woman living in the tunnels beneath Manhattan copes with trials and tribulations in her struggle to survive without compromising her own rules. Raw and energetic, Feral plunges headlong into an unrecognizable New York, with us riding shotgun beside its fierce protagonist.

21h, Join us for the CLOSING NIGHT ad let's celebrate this 48th edition. Free and open to everyone. 


Sunday 20th

  • 1:30pm ATLANTIQUE Mati Diop. An allegorical fable tinged with the supernatural, the Franco-Senegalese director’s first feature is headily poetic look at the disillusioned youth of Dakar through the eyes of a young woman whose lover has been lost at sea.
  • 5 pm, ANNE AT 13,000 FT Kazik Radwanski Piercing portrait of a lonely, socially awkward young woman doing her best to find her place in the world. The ultra-close camera work helps create a strangely compelling sensory universe. Director in attendance !

  • 5 pm, MOURIR À TUE-TÊTE Anne Claire Poirier (1979). The story of a woman that encompasses many other women’s stories. A pioneer of Quebec filmmaking, Anne-Claire Poirier, delivered cinematic shock therapy with this still-relevant film that deconstructs rape, including its social and political repercussions.

  • 7 pm, LA CUISINE ROUGE, Paule Baillargeon, Frédérique Collin (1980). In the bar where a wedding reception was supposed to take place, a revolution happens instead as a group of women go on strike, vowing to never again kowtow to their male partners. Free admission, subject to availability. Please make sure to order a ticket online or at the box office.


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