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With more than 300 films and so many activities, it's not easy to know where to look... here some cues and recommendations !

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Small lists of recommendations (themes)


This year, three major themes are present at the Festival and it's the perfect occasion to propose films but also discussions and activities around feminism, environment & gastronomy.


Women and/or Feminism

At the occasion of our Feminist Theme, the series féminisme et cinéma : hommage aux pionnières is proposed to the public, plus the features of the year programmed in the other sections.

Here our 5 recommendations of films :

  • L' UNE CHANTE, L'AUTRE PAS ; Tracing women’s liberation through to the turbulent 70s, Agnès Varda follows two women from their teens to adulthood against the backdrop of a militant, engaged musical comedy.  Followed by a discussion about the work of Agnès Varda and its influence.

  • THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN ; Two Indigenous women from different backgrounds come together and share a moment between distress and communion. A naturalistic and highly sensitive first film where women’s words and experiences are brought to life in all their complexity.

  • WOMAN ; With an approach celebrating plural faces and the richness of different speech patterns, the documentarists behind Human present 2500 portraits of women from 50 countries, revealing the feminine perspective today. A benefit screening in the presence of filmmakers Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

  • DELPHINE ET CAROLE : INSOUMUSES ; Portrait de deux créatrices d’exception pour qui la vidéo était le canal d’expression vivant des luttes féministes.

  • DIEU EXISTE, SON NOM EST PETRUNYA ; After snagging a cross thrown in the water intended to bring prosperity to one of a hundred male competitors, a Macedonian woman in her thirties emerges as a true heroine for our times in this feminist social critique of gender inequality.

See all the artworks tagged FEMINIST

Female director & gender parity

You can find HERE all the films by female directors, then you can apply any kind of filter you like (short films, canadian films...) 

FEMALE DIRECTORS, all the artworks

There is also an article about the presence of women at the 48th edition, from the Jury to the event and the films.

Read the article VOICES OF WOMEN AT FNC48


Environment Theme

At the occasion of our Environment Theme, the series Films for the Planet is proposing to the public 7 major fictional films that explore interconnected themes with great ambition, philosophical depth, and poetry: biodiversity, climate change, consumerism, eco-anxiety... Plus features of the year programmed in the other sections.

Here our 3 recommendations of films about Environment :

  • SILENT RUNNING (1972); A man fights to save Earth’s last forest, artificially preserved aboard a spaceship. Followed by a discussion dédiée about activism with Extinction Rebellion (Elza Kephart) and La Planète s’invite à l’université (Marouane Joundi & Léa Ilardo).

  • JACOB ET LES CHIENS QUI PARLENT by Edmunds Jansons ; (for all the familly) While visiting his cousin Mimmi, seven-year-old Jacob – a future architect – meets a pack of talking dogs. He leads them on an adventure to save Mimmi’s neighbourhood.
  • VAILLANCOURT : REGARDE SI C'EST BEAU ; Portrait of a force of nature, a free-spirited artist who defines avant-garde. An early activist and ecologist, Armand Vaillancourt delivers a passionate account of 70 years of Quebec counterculture.

See all the artworks tagged Environment


Gastronomy Theme

At the occasion of our Gastronomy Theme, many activities have been programmed for you.

We are strongly recommend the experience Pupilles gustatives // Eye tasting, a combo film+restaurant ; After the screening of Pedro Almodovar’s long-awaited Pain and Glory be seduced by a meal inspired by the ambiance of the universe of the Spanish filmmaker! The chef of the restaurant Le Blumenthal has joined us to create an imaginative, inimitable and sophisticated menu to relive moods of the film.

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