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FRANCE | 79 minutes | 2019

Could it be that rock was not born with Elvis Presley in the 50s, but rather with Édith Piaf and her legendary 1949 performance of Hymne à l’amour the night her lover Marcel Cerdan was killed in a plane crash? Such is the premise of journalist François Armanet’s feature-length rock doc, which sets out to give the genre’s women their just due. From Françoise Hardy to Vanessa Paradis to Charlotte Gainsbourg, ten French female rock stars discuss their careers, their roles as icons of emancipation and the blows for freedom they struck for their sisters in a testosterone-fuelled industry rife with stereotypes.

In collaboration with CISM 89.3 FM.

"Oh Les Filles is an inspirational love letter to a musical movement and a tour de force of electrifying energy. Much like the genre it pays tribute to, Oh Les Filles is completely unapologetic in its political messages, and it’s all the better for it." The Upcoming

Cannes Film Festival


Sunday October 13, 2019

Program #96
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

Friday October 18, 2019

Program #219
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

François Armanet

No biography

2002 - La Bande Du Drugstore (Berlin Festival, 2002)

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay François Armanet, Bayon
  • Producer Edouard De Vésinne
  • Cast Jeanne Added, Jehnny Beth, Lou Doillon, Brigitte Fontaine, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Imany, Camélia Jordana, Elli Medeiros, Vanessa Paradis

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