Peter Weir

O.V. English

As Australia suffers a barrage of extreme weather events, a young lawyer is hired to defend a group of Aborigines accused of murder. He slowly discovers a mystical connection with one of the accused, and starts...

AUSTRALIA | 106 minutes | 1977

Colin Eggleston

O.V. English

An Australian couple heads out for a camping trip in an idyllic spot. They’re neurotic, egotistical urbanites, who can find nothing better to do than take out their frustrations on nature: over-the-top bug...

AUSTRALIA | 97 minutes | 1978

Isao Takahata

O.V. Japanese

Real estate development is rampant on the outskirts of Tokyo and fast eroding the countryside. Worried about their forest habitat, the tanuki — mythical shape-shifting racoon dogs — resolve to pull out the...

JAPAN | 119 minutes | 1994

Douglas Trumbull

O.V. English

Human activities have rendered the Earth uninhabitable, and the last remnants of forest are preserved aboard spaceships – a bit like Noah’s Ark. Botanist Freeman Lowell tends the preserved environments...

UNITED STATES | 89 minutes | 1972

Richard Fleischer

O.V. English

2022. The world’s population has exploded. Natural resources have been depleted. Food substitutes alleviate the spread of misery, while brutal police contain uprisings. A detective and an elderly intellectual...

UNITED STATES | 97 minutes | 1973

Jeff Nichols

O.V. English

Curtis LaForche, a likeable family man mired in depression, is haunted by apocalyptic visions. His friends and his family history lead him to think he should get help, but he can’t stop himself from working...

UNITED STATES | 116 minutes | 2011

Nicholas Ray

O.V. English

In the late 19th century, extravagant hats adorned with spectacular feathers were all the rage. In south Florida, a gamekeeper tries to halt the massacre behind the flourishing trade. Directed by the great...

UNITED STATES | 93 minutes | 1958

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